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Niches cut into the wall and vanity base function as cubbyhole storage — and add a little more zip to the architecture. The mirrored panel above the artful glass sink is actually the front face of a built-in cupboard, while a vertical set of recessed shelving niches is used to display accessories. A cleverly designed tub surround includes a two-tiered shelf with space for display above and room for stashing bath supplies below. That extra surface area helps skiers to float above premium powder. To minimize the visual impact of the double sinks, a wall-hung vanity appears to float over the floor. A soothing palette was achieved with faux-limestone facing on the tub surround and shower walls that complement the slate floor tiles and light maple cabinetry. The fine-grained maple cabinets and knotty cedar walls, along with the deep-tone, tiles create a symphony of natural colors and textures in this masterful bathroom. The maple itself was chosen to match the woods used elsewhere throughout the home, a detail that further enhances the feeling of flowing continuity.

Thoughtful details have been chosen for maximum function and elegant form. The shoals once served as a bridge between the two countries covering 30 miles, but cyclones and other events have sent much of the structure underwater. Crystal vases and large pieces of silver-painted pottery add a few dramatic light-reflective elements to this minimalist space, creating interest without too much softness. ­The new scheme replaces a cluttered pair of bedrooms and bathrooms with a single space, zoned and demarcated by glass walls and internal windows. To further streamline the space, medicine cabinets, mirrors, and shelves are frameless and built into walls. Acts of cruelty are far from compassionate. Modern takes a new turn in a lime-green bath where the toilet and bidet are mounted right on the face of the cabinets for the smoothest scheme possible. This master bath pays decorating homage to nature with a mix of bamboo, marble, limestone, and wood. A vanity cabinet of precisely crafted wood is a sleek piece in the best modern tradition. The couple wanted to indulge in their tradition of taking long, soaking baths but also wanted a separate shower and a double-sink vanity. A green glass door and coordinating vanity counter provide subtle color and luster.

Choosing a sophisticated palette of taupe, plum, and silver was an excellent start: The color scheme, largely neutral, is warmer and more interesting thanks to the selection of plum as an accent color. This bath uses tiles — in a mottled mix of related tones — to create depth and interest within a limited color range. To add more warmth and depth without busyness, the walls were ragged and glazed in layers of taupes and ivories to create an aged, faux-stone impression. Underfoot, pebble stone floors in the shower and bamboo strip flooring in the rest of the space add to the quiet richness of this sophisticated bath. Continue on to the next page to get a feel for how to add visual features. See the next page to learn how stone can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of the room. About all these dazzlers have in common with the old radiators is that they’re made of metal. B records this key in its WOT entry for A, but does not discard the old key K yet.

But because tiles are made from earthen materials and they’re as old as civilization itself, tiles also impart a timeless, natural quality that makes a modern aesthetic livable. It enjoys a richly understated design that pays homage to both the beauty of nature and the modern aesthetic. But even if your bath is as spacious as these, great modern fixtures can create a pleasing sculptural effect in your bathroom design. In a small bath, beautiful contemporary fixtures and fittings may be the main way to express your modern point of view. Also, picked up the little Streamlight PT1 AA yesterday, very bright light for such a small package, rated at 50 lumens. Using glass instead of traditional opaque wall partitions to divide the space provides intriguing glimpses through to other areas and allows the not-always-plentiful English light to brighten the entire space. High, clerestory windows and a central skylight admit an abundance of natural light while preserving the owners’ privacy. It had two horns, and both horns were high, but one was higher than the other, and the higher one came up last.